Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring rain washes clean

Spring, as we all know is a time for starting anew... which is appropriate, I suppose, as my fiancee and I just split.
This lovely box comes from /ME, and is called "My Ex's Bullshit". It's trans, so you can put all that no copy bs he sent you in it and SEND IT BACK. Too bad it's not that easy IRL...

Hair: Lamb
Dress: 5th&Oxford
Eyes: Negaposi
Shoes: Surf Couture
Socks: AnA
Necklace: Lolapop
Hairband: Hani
Skin: L.Fauna (group gift)
Table: Kookie
Box: /ME
Pose: PDA

Along the lines of spring and whatnot, this is my favourite time of year, especially for going shopping downtown, hanging out with friends, going to the park... Picking cute flowers!

Neckerchief: Euclid (Gacha)
Hair accessory: Nushuru
Eyelashes: glow
Eyes: negaposi
Hair: Yuzukamiya
Dress: League (FLF)
Shoes: u.f.o (Gacha)
Skin: Mango mango
Socks: Mocha (Gacha)

This great little mall strip called *tic tac toe* just opened up, with super cute gacha machines in the middle, and a tonne of super cute freebies&cheapies all around.

Necklace: IrEn (Spring Bazaar)
Eyelashes: glow
Eyes: negaposi
Hair: kik (Gacha)
Dress: Scribble (FLF)
Shoes: Nardcotix
Skin: Nomine
Tats: Medley (Spring Bazaar)

Skin: Imagen
Fishnets: Trixxy's Shop
Hair: Kik
Eyes: Endeavor
Eyelashes: Glow
Dress: Touche'
Pose: LAP


Hair Accessory: Hani
Eyelashes: Glow
Eyes: Negaposi
Hair: kik
Dress: Liriope
Skin: Nomine
Plant: Kinokoko
Pose: PDA

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