Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rustica blows me away

So I haven't blogged in err... a very long time. However I felt the need when I saw Maxwell Graff's new furniture set. It's to die for, seriously. Most of the pieces are 2-3 prims, and the cusions and (optional) table runners, covers, and pillows are all changeable with the extensive hud he included. There are an absolute tonne of both texture and colour options so you can really get wild. This set is absolutely ideal for when you haven't got a lot of prims to play with. The lights turn on and off, and all of the drawers have multiple open/closed settings. When you lay in the bed, the cover (on both sides of the bed) moves to cover you.

It comes in a number of different wood finishes as well. This one's Cherry.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Entertained & Validated

So... I haven't blogged forever, and the urge just took me, so I nabbed a couple of looks off of my Flickr and my Plurk. Enjoy~(Sorry I don't have the SLURLs linked... :( )
Hair: Exile
Skin: Belleza
Eyes: Negaposi
Eyelashes: Glow
Necklace: Miel
Dress & Tights: Ricelli
Shoes: Fri.day
Pose: LAP

Hair: kik
Glasses: kik
Skin: Curio
Eyes: Negaposi
Necklace: Miel
Top: 5th& Oxford
Skirt: Madsy
Shoes: Kookie

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring rain washes clean

Spring, as we all know is a time for starting anew... which is appropriate, I suppose, as my fiancee and I just split.
This lovely box comes from /ME, and is called "My Ex's Bullshit". It's trans, so you can put all that no copy bs he sent you in it and SEND IT BACK. Too bad it's not that easy IRL...

Hair: Lamb
Dress: 5th&Oxford
Eyes: Negaposi
Shoes: Surf Couture
Socks: AnA
Necklace: Lolapop
Hairband: Hani
Skin: L.Fauna (group gift)
Table: Kookie
Box: /ME
Pose: PDA

Along the lines of spring and whatnot, this is my favourite time of year, especially for going shopping downtown, hanging out with friends, going to the park... Picking cute flowers!

Neckerchief: Euclid (Gacha)
Hair accessory: Nushuru
Eyelashes: glow
Eyes: negaposi
Hair: Yuzukamiya
Dress: League (FLF)
Shoes: u.f.o (Gacha)
Skin: Mango mango
Socks: Mocha (Gacha)
Pose: Fri.day

This great little mall strip called *tic tac toe* just opened up, with super cute gacha machines in the middle, and a tonne of super cute freebies&cheapies all around.

Necklace: IrEn (Spring Bazaar)
Eyelashes: glow
Eyes: negaposi
Hair: kik (Gacha)
Dress: Scribble (FLF)
Shoes: Nardcotix
Skin: Nomine
Tats: Medley (Spring Bazaar)
Pose: Fri.day

Skin: Imagen
Fishnets: Trixxy's Shop
Hair: Kik
Eyes: Endeavor
Eyelashes: Glow
Boots: Fri.day
Dress: Touche'
Pose: LAP


Hair Accessory: Hani
Eyelashes: Glow
Eyes: Negaposi
Hair: kik
Dress: Liriope
Skin: Nomine
Plant: Kinokoko
Pose: PDA

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

69L Humpday gLeeky Goodies

Alright, so maybe if you don't own a TV, don't surf the net, don't read the entertainment section of your newspaper and don't talk to people you might not have heard about the phenomenal new show called Glee. If you haven't... here's the promo video. Doesn't really do it justice, but...

Long story short: SL is borked so my 69L humpday sale will be out in my store for another extra day. I made a set of 3 poses that are available RIGHT INSIDE my front door for only 69L. Awesome Blossom has a stand right beside selling a preview of her gLeek tees! (as seen in the Quinn poster above)

Friday, December 11, 2009


I was trying to do Fifty Linden Fridays Love... and when you say FLFL it sounds like Falafel so... I'M NOT COMPLETELY CRAZY. Not *completely*... Moving on!

Anyone that knows me at all knows I go crazy for Kookie and Artilleri (among a few other stores, but seriously, antie and kookie own my heart). A big ♥ goes out to Schadenfreude too. I now own both fatpacks of her shoes. Muahahahah.Baby's Blues
Hair: /artilleri/ Sabina hair *fudge*
Skin: L.Fauna {Lapine} preview [Snowflake] W/ bodysuit
Glasses: DECO - Cat's Meow FROST
Accessories: ((RIPE)) Big'Ol Turquoise Jewelery Set
Cardigan: /artilleri/ Elspeth cardigan *snowflake and polkadot xmas*
Shoes: *Kookie* Powder Puff - Spruce
Chair:/artilleri/ Diner chair *yellow*

Let Me In
Hair: FreeSpeerit- Patricia - Platinum - FREE
Skin: : HS : Serenity : Dark Shines (Aether) - Limited edition (now out of stock)
Dress: Novi - The Kendall - Blue/White - 150L OR you can get one free with purchase of almost anything in the store ONLY UNTIL DEC 17, because she's closing :(
Wings&Shoes: Schadenfreude Lucent Batwings Fatpack, 2 pairs of heels & wings - Fatpack 777L
Pose: PDA - Let Me In - 50L pack of 5 poses on the FLF circuit.

Tonight, Tonight
Hair: (JUNWAVE)Gorgeous Curl_OliveBlack - (This style is no longer available, but check out her other hair... seriously it's SO CUTE♥)
Hairband: Wishbox - Tiny Fairy Roses Garland
Skin: PinkFuel-Raine-Cream-Coy - 300 ea/1100 set/3000 fatpack
Dress:(Clio)-Theresa Pink Gown - FREE until Dec. 17th at this location only
Pose: PDA - Heavenly Arms - 50L in FLF pack today

Thursday, December 10, 2009

In a moment

Well I've had more than my share of harassment and stress this week. Tomorrow's my last day of college before the christmas break, so, naturally, it's the busiest week of the year until next semester's finals. So I figured I'd put together an outfit to help break my mood. Something a bit lighter and airier. Sure helps that one of my favourite stores (scribble) is having a bigass sale on all white items (now 50L)!

Hair: fri. - Eloise - Startled White - 75L pack on sale
Skin: Curio Moonbeam Frex Beach-Surf 1 - 1000L(2 makeup, freck&no freck, Lighter & darker tones) or 3000L for the whole Beach set (48 skins total, 6 base makeups, f/nf, l/d, + 2 makeup variations for each)
Wings: ~Scribble~ Ever After Wings - 50L on sale
Hairpiece: ~Scribble~ Ever After Hair Feather (Skull+3) - 50L on sale
Dress: {SMS} Feather Dress - 50L fridays
Shoes: N-core White Stiletto - (not available anymore afaik, but there are other very VERY lovely group gifts... and some of the hottest high heels in SL)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Artilleri + HeartSick + etc

Artilleri was one of the first stores I ever visited in SL. I'm in love with retro / rockabilly, and when I first started there was Artilleri and there was Ingenue. Long story short, I fell in love, and haven't fallen out of love. Happy 4 year anniversary!

Recently I also came across Heartsick, the skin shop done by the very talented Amesha Jewell who also runs Burning Chrome. I'm in LOVE with these skins, seriously. They're so cute and luscious at the same time!5x5
Hat&Scarf: +>Adore&Abhor<+ Take a Bow - 69L Today only
Hair: fri. - Serena - Cynical Black - 75L pack on sale
Skin: : HS: Serenity : Aether : Dark Shines (c) - group gift
Shirt: /artilleri/ Carlita top *black* - 60L on sale
Shorts: /artilleri/ Ingrid highwaist skirt/shorts *black* - 60L on sale
Bracelets: /artilleri/ Lulu bracelet *pinks* - 50L on sale
Nails: On The Catwalk - Black Nails
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear - Conqueror - 500L (and totally worth it omg)

A Bit Cynical
Scarf: TRUTH Group Gift 9 December 09
Hair: [Nouveau Miranda] Amazonia- Freebie
Skin: : HS : Amor E Morte : Her Ghost in the Fog - Fatpack - 1L
Shirt: /artilleri/ Carlita top *black* - 60L on sale
Cardigan: /artilleri/ Elspeth cardigans *black* - 75L
Pants: /artilleri/ betsy pants *destroyed* - 60L on sale
Nails: On The Catwalk - Black Nails
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear - Conqueror - 500L

Could Use Some Sun
Hair: ETD Chel (black) - 75L for the naturals Pack
Skin: : HS : Serenity : Aether : Vicarious - 750L
Bikini: /artilleri/ Alexa bikini *black* - 65L on sale
Nails: On The Catwalk - Black Nails
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear - Conqueror - 500L

Faster, Pussycat
Hair: * ETD Christina (black) Discount - 35L
Skin: : HS : Serenity : Aether : Lips Like Morphine - 75L
Dress: /artilleri/ Lovely Leo dress - 150L on sale
Nails: On The Catwalk - Black Nails
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear - Conqueror - 500L